Customer Profiles - Manufacturing

  • AG Growth Industries

  • Kuhn North America

  • Mold Masters

  • Vantage Foods

  • Watts Water Tech

AGProfileTall-179x300AG Growth

is a leading manufacturer of portable and stationary grain handling, storage and conditioning equipment including augers, belt conveyors, grain storage bins, grain handling accessories and grain aeration equipment. 

Amazing Results:

After four months:

• 6,400 square feet saved

• $1,100,000 inventory reduced 

First cell:

• + 12% productivity

• 100% on-time delivery



Kuhn North AmericaKuhn North America

is a leading innovator in the design, production and marketing of agricultural machinery sold throughout the world. 

Amazing Results:

• throughput and productivity gains ranging from 10-75% across 8 manufacturing processes

• 50% reduction in time required to build targeted product

• 70% + reduction in scrap rate for targeted product

• 47% increase in production in one cell (in first 3.5 months)

• 14% reduction in hours required per unit

• a reduction of approximately 2½ man hours below the existing average rates prior to the Lean work



Mold Masters

MoldMastersProfileTall-179x300is a privately-held global company and the world's leading supplier of hot runner technology and systems. 

Amazing Results:

• 33% increase in weekly output

• 2 week reduction in lead times

• 65% reduction in machine set-up time

• 60% reduction in material travel time

• 50% reduction in production time

• incoming orders that previously took 7 days to reach the shop floor are now available to build in less than 2 hours

"The adoption of the LEAN Continuous Improvement Methodology has enabled Mold-Masters to officially launch our Accelerated Delivery program with an advertising campaign in North America that covers many of our most popular system configurations. Mold-Masters has never been better prepared to match or beat any delivery commitment offered by our competitors."

Jonathan Fischer, President & CEO Mold-Masters


VantageProfileTall-179x300Vantage Foods

is a North American food company offering innovative case-ready solutions for progressive retailers in Canada and the United States. 

Amazing Results:

• 65% reduction in machine set-up time

• 60% reduction in material travel time

• 22% increase in productivity in a targeted value stream, reducing tasks from 70 to 54

• tripled productivity in another value stream by reducing tasks from 345 to 95

• 100% on-time delivery

• zero product staged on shipping dock



watts ACVwsprayWatts Water Technologies

designs and manufactures valves and related products that promote the comfort and safety of people and the quality, conservation and control of water used in commercial, residential, industrial and municipal applications. 

Amazing Results:

• reduction in inventory: 31.2%
• reduction in defects per Unit: 87.5%
• reduction in rework Dollars: 85.2%
• throughput increase: 26%
• productivity (units produced per hours worked: 29.4%
• product yield (reduction in failed units): increase of 85.2%


"I was very apprehensive when Watts decided to utilize OTI in our Lean transformation strategy because of my perception that consultants have no long term responsibility and accountability. However, Phil changed my views on consulting. He has a vast knowledge of Lean implementations in a variety of industries with an extremely practical approach.

I personally received the education of my life during the events designed and lead by Phil and am still awed by daily developments resulting from those projects. I guess you can call me a true Lean thoughtware believer!"

Jacques Klopper, Director of Operations, Watts Water Technologies