is a leading global manufacturer of technologically-advanced seeding and tillage equipment.

Amazing Results:

Within 6 months:
  • 7% cost reduction (by standard cost)
  • 108% increase in gross profit for the targeted value stream / product line
  • 64% increase in margin contribution per man hour
  • 98% reduction in lead time
  • 83% reduction in set-up time on the paint line
  • 98% reduction in batch size
  • tripled available capacity with the same investment base
  • elimination of waste: PRICELESS


"Before working with OTI, we were attempting to implement Lean on our own. After roughly a year, we really did not have anything to show for our efforts, as we really did not have a good understanding of what it took to get our Lean initiative started. OTI has given us the tools and training how to see and eliminate waste. Their staff is very hands-on and truly takes ownership of the projects they are involved in. It is great to work with such a wonderful group of people."

Darren Borstmayer, VP Manufacturing
Bourgault Industries




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