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"What makes Phil Kirby different is that he engages people and gets into their gut. He makes driving improvements in business personal, not just a job. Phil doesn't consult; he transforms organizations and people."
Bob Marquette, CEO, Bostik, USA

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Phil's Customers say…

"Phil Kirby showed us how to open capacity, reduce cycle times, radically improve our ability to service our customers, improve quality, and enhance our safety environment. Incredibility, we spent almost zero capital dollars and our employees have never been more engaged."

Bob Marquette, CEO, Bostik, USA

"With the help of Phil Kirby, we reduced our document processing by 83%. Productivity increased by 400% without working any harder."
Chris Main, VP Customer Service & Operations, Canadian Tire Financial Services, Canada

"Phil Kirby helped us create a plan for achieving continuous improvement. He showed us how to engage employees in eliminating waste, demonstrated the commitment to ensure Lean activities NEVER failed, and provided a system we could manage on our own moving forward. Phil gave us the structure necessary for ongoing success."
Chris Mosby, COO, Watts Water Technologies, USA

"Phil Kirby helped us find great candidates more quickly using an improved recruitment process that cost us less money. The time required to fill a role fell by 25%, the number of steps in the hiring process were halved, turnover rates fell, with more recruits making it past the crucial first 90 days on the job. Cost per hire dropped 34%. The results were immediate and lasting."
Liza Provenzano, VP, HR Operations, Canadian Tire Corp, Canada

"Thanks to Phil Kirby, we are better able to meet the needs of our customers with a production system that is more efficient, flexible and low cost".
Gary Haley, CEO, Vantage Foods, Canada

"With Phil Kirby's help, we designed and deployed a Lean culture that engages all employees to deliver consistent year-over-year financial improvement while improving our work place."
Eric Sejourne, VP of Lean and Operational Excellence, Assa Abloy, USA

"Working with Phil Kirby was eye opening. We learned that problems we normally hated are actually 'treasures', excellent opportunities to improve business performance."
Juha Hiironen, Site Director, Cabb Chemicals, Finland


Phil's Audiences say...

"Phil's passion and energy will rivet you in place and drive you to see new ways to improve business performance."
Michael Toussaint, Manager, Performance Improvement Engineering, Kaman Aerospace Corporation

"Phil engages his audiences in a lively, thought-provoking dialogue by creating an atmosphere that urges participants to contribute their ideas."
Zev Lazic, Executive Director, Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways & Infrastructure

"Phil has a way of charismatically connecting with an audience with energy and humor. He instills the belief that you can succeed!
Rob Dettlinger, General Manager, Vantage Foods

"Phil's depth of knowledge and innovative thinking are rare. He turns your thinking inside out and makes you comfortable with the fact that 'you don't know what you don't know'. His talks capture and draw on his insight, imagination and hard-nosed approach to business – any business. Innovative. Imaginative. Inspiring. Pragmatic."
David H. Hughes, Author, co-author and ghostwriter of nine books

"Phil is a full measure beyond the best presenters I've seen. His compelling logic and message is ALL based on practical and real experience. He will guide you to what it takes to create visible, tangible and measureable results in your organization. Phil is refreshing and just makes sense."
Paul Trayner, SALT Consulting Group Inc./ACCORD Associates LLC. USA

"Phil Kirby captivated the attendees of ISPI's 2011 Conference in Orlando with his wisdom, knowledge and insights."
Andy Dix, Div. Director of Sales Effectiveness-North Central Comcast Spotlight

"Phil Kirby is an excellent speaker. His words really resonated with me."
Lisa Lange, Sr. Instructional Designer, i3Logic

"Phil Kirby made me smarter. Not only is he inspiring, his knowledge of process design and Lean thinking—combined with his ability to translate that knowledge into specific actions--will benefit your business for years to come. "
Janice Wismer, Global VP HR, McCain's Foods, Canada

"Phil Kirby explained why Lean is not about tools, but about mindset, culture and leadership. We're already using his ideas to train our production team in identifying wastes. We're just getting our feet wet but the results have been excellent."
Matthew Cook, National Operations Manager, Stair Lock International Pty Ltd., Australia

"Every CEO worth his salt can benefit from Phil Kirby's message. He will enhance your thinking and clearly outline the path that unlocks hidden treasures in your organization that will deliver a sustainable edge without duress."
Michael Kostarelas, Manager Business Improvement, ausdrill, Australia

"Phil Kirby's passionate keynote on how Lean can help uncover hidden treasures will get you thinking about a different way of working. His excellent stories explain how to get everyone onto a common ground, keep them focussed, and achieve cost-effective results."
Chris Foster, Director, Business Performance Services, KPMG, Australia

"If you're serious about improving your business, you need to hear Phil Kirby. He is a dynamic and engaging presenter, with a passion for performance improvement, lots of practical examples and clear take-away messages."
Eman Seif, title, company, Australia




What Event Planners are saying….

"Phil is engaging, entertaining, and delivers thought-provoking content that will change the way you think about your business. Who knew waste could be such a treasure?!"
Ashley Stroud-LoVerde, Conference Program Manager & LSS Master Black Belt, Allscripts

"You cannot listen to Phil Kirby without feeling his passion for improving processes. His energetic presentation style captures the audience's attention and holds it."
Lynne J. Marr, Director, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

"Phil Kirby's message resonates with audiences. His energy and enthusiasm is backed with substance and content.
April S. Davis, Executive Director, International Society for Performance Improvement

"Dynamic, engaging, and on the money! Phil Kirby was the keynote speaker at our annual performance and process management user group meeting twice. He blew everyone away. We had so many requests for his return. We had quite a few industry experts keynoting our events and he was by far the best."
Sumner Schmiesing, CEO, Visum Solutions

"Phil Kirby was a key note speaker at our annual conference. His talk was brilliant and focused on our audience's needs, requirements and aspirations. He kept over 900 attendees on the edge of their seats and was so well received, he was asked back the following year. His message of finding and realizing process improvement "treasures" in every part of the organization truly resonated with our membership."
Miki Lane, Past President, International Society for Performance Improvement

What People are saying about Phil's books…


"Thoughtware is a must read for every manager who is tired of starting all over again after every reorganization."
Phil Scanlan, Quality Office Vice President, AT&T

"If change is on your organization's agenda, then reading Thoughtware should be high on your list. This is not so much a management book as it is a navigational chart for the whole organization."
Charles Armstrong, President, S.A. Armstrong Limited

"Thoughtware is a must read for any organizational leader serious about enhancing the capacity of his or her organization to compete successfully in the 21st century."
Terry Moore, Vice President Corporate Services, Alberta Power Limited

The Future:

"I am amazed at how my thoughtware and my day to day business is changing since reading The Future. You can't get there from here. I see things I never saw before. Thank you for the wake up call!"
W. Frank Young, Bell Canada

"The Future. You can't get there from here made me realize the value and potential of 'thinking differently'. A real eye opener for anyone involved in change management and improving organizational performance."
Michael Gadway, Celestica Inc.

"The Future is a necessary book to read. Success today is a thinking outcome – and this book will jar you where you think. It is right-sized and a pleasure to read. Read it for the sake of everyone who works for you."
David Hogg, President High Performance Manufacturing Consortium

"If you're serious about organizational change you've got to change the way you think! Read this book. Kirby and Hughes are visionaries."
Charles King, Director Continuous Process Improvement, Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp.

"The Future provides tremendous insight into what an organization must do to provide true customer value today and for the future. It focuses on the importance of re-shaping your thinking and putting your client at the centre of every process decision you make. A must read for organizations who want to come out on top in increasingly competitive markets."
Pat Clarkson, Bell Canada

"The Future sets out the principles that force us to think in a direction that is sometimes uncomfortable; and yet, it is very pragmatic and always navigational. It helps drive us towards, and consistently apply, the top 10 thoughtware principles."
Michael Toussaint, Lean Enterprise Office, Kaman Aerospace

"The Future. You can't get there from here is a quick, insightful look at why we really have to change the way we try to change. Kirby and Hughes not only hit the nail on the head, but they hammer home the critical importance of developing new thoughtware. All in an easy read that gets everybody thinking differently."
Alan Davis, President CTH Industrial Controls



The Process Mind - Testimonials

  • Reduces cycle times... opens capacity...

  • Chock-full of what process thinking is all about...

"What Phil Kirby has done for Bostik's business in the Americas has been transformational and this insightful book covers all the reasons why process thinking is so critical. The Process Mind business model opens capacity, reduces cycle times, improves quality, improves customer service and enhances the safety environment. Incredibly, we spent almost zero capital and employees have never been more engaged."

Bob Marquette, CEO, Bostik, USA

"I have worked with Phil Kirby in several companies over the years and with his help we have delivered consistent year-over-year financial growth while improving our work place. If you're serious about organizational change, you have to change the way you think! This book tells you how to do it."

Eric Sejourne, Group VP, Assa Abloy, USA

"If you want to dominate your competition and double your productivitythen Philip Kirby's business process model and The Process Mind is for you!"

Peter Psichogios, President, CSI International,Founder, Blanchard Solutions Group, part of the Ken Blanchard Companies (The One Minute Managerand Situational Leadership II – the world's most widely taught leadership development system) 

“This book is chock-full of what process thinking is all about. By adopting the principles and methods of The Process Mind, we have never been better at meeting customers’ needs with more efficient and flexible processes, and all at lower costs.”

Gary Haley, CEO, Vantage Foods, Canada

"I have worked with Phil Kirby on identifying improvements to a recruitment process. The results were immediate. The time required to fill a role fell by 25%, the number of steps in the hiring process were halved, turnover rates fell, with more recruits making it past the crucial first 90 days on the job. Cost per hire dropped 34%. Read The Process Mind, you owe it to those who work for you.”

Liza Provenzano, Human Resources Executive and Founder, SparkHR Inc.


  • Phil is a master at eliminating process waste

  • A must read...

“Phil Kirby is a master in the art of implementing continuous improvement. He combines his passion for eliminating process waste with his deep experience for engaging employees and changing behaviors. At three different companies, Phil helped me create and then implement plans and structure, which transformed our operations and delivered real business results. Now he has documented his powerful methodology in The Process Mind.”

Chris Mosby – Vice President Operations, A.W. Chesterton Company

“In The Process Mind, Kirby teaches us how to truly understand the collective thought of our organizations – the thoughtware – and then how to change it strategically, effectively and in a fact-based manner. This is a must read for anyone looking to change how they make change in their organization.”

Mary-Kay Lippert, VP Operations, Fluidigm Canada Inc

 “We wanted to take our success to a new level and continue to improve WestJet’s on time performance – critical in the airline industry. Phil Kirby and new process thinking have been instrumental in helping us achieve higher performance. A must read for anyone who wants to find the only ”real” sustainable improvements in their business.”

Brigid Pelino, Executive Vice President People and Culture WestJet Airlines 

“The Process Mind sets out the invaluable thoughtware you need to rejuvenate and revolutionize your organization.  It’s a must read – you owe it to your teams!”

 Tony Soumas, Director-Distribution Operations and CI Strategy Consultant Tim Horton’s Inc. 


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