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Where's Your Hidden Treasure?

Every business has a treasure chest brimming with riches. And, like three precious treasures – gold, silver and bronze – they are disguised as process waste, policy waste, and strategy waste. Process waste hides everywhere, as value-less steps that have crept in over time. Waste of time, energy, motion. Waste of space, inventory, defects.

Process waste is the most common treasure and is easily discovered when you know how to see and where to look


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Phil's treasure hunt tips...

Forget what you know.

Go looking for problems. They're hiding in plain sight.

See with process eyes. You must see the process to see the problem.

If you find a problem, you must expose it. Problems are treasures.

Focus on process, not people. Manage workflow, not resources.

Stop throwing money at problems. When you focus on resources, costs go up.

Stop measuring results. Measure what you want to become.

Stop automating everything. Use thoughtware instead of hardware or software.

Experiment and learn. Learning requires failure.

Never stop.

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