Phil's Reading List

Growing up, I was heavily influenced by the liberal arts traditions of the Jesuits, which meant two things, playing sports and reading, reading, reading... especially the Classics. The reading drill was to always have multiple books on the go at once... a Classic, a History/Philosophy and an English novel.

Today, I still read multiple books simultaneously, usually a business book, a novel and a history and/or philosophy book. My all-time favourite books are political economics. I have recently been reading what seems to be a contemporary revival of publications in this field.

Because I read so much, I can tell you that only about 10% offer some truly great insights. The following is a list of books that I found worth the time and effort.

Please use the menu on the right for my selection of books by category.



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"This book is a must read!"

Brigid Pelino, EVP,
WestJet Airlines